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Lady Godiva English Pub in Genève


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Lady Godiva English Pub
53, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve Plainpalais
1205 Genève GE
Tel.: 022 328 23 00
Fax: 022 328 23 02

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English Pub, Bar

The Lady Godiva Pub is a brand new English gastro-pub in Geneva. The Pub is situated at Plainpalais and has a 12m mirrored bar that was imported from the UK, as was the frontage and furniture, It’s a blend of traditional English pub style, and a more contemporary bar effect. (see pictures) The Lady Godiva Pub has the largest choice of draught beers in Switzerland.(see drinks menu) There are 16 different beers and a grand total of 32 taps. Prices are also very competitive with a special offer Beer of the Month at only CHF7.50 for a pint. (Starting Monday 7th May 2007)

The Pub has a great layout for both dining and dancing. There are bar stools, low tables and chairs, plus a raised indoor terrace area. And who could resist a meal from the gastro-pub menu? Our chef has a real passion for food.The Lady Godiva Pub is open from 10am - 2am daily serving food from11am - 11pm non-stop, with daily specials and stylish presentation of all the hot and cold dishes. Why not finish your meal with a café latte or a rich cappuccino?

With live music and DJ nights the Lady Godiva Pub is set to be the exclusive one- stop nightspot. Come after work for a beer with friends, enjoy a meal and then settle in for the entertainment. It could be music or it could be a sports event on our massive high-definition projection screen. There are also plasma screens dotted around the bar zone – so there’s no need to miss a single match!

Coloured ambient lighting sets the scene in the different areas so whether you’re looking for big night out or something quiet and intimate the Lady Godiva Pub can do both – in style!

The Lady Godiva is easy to find, opposite the main university entrance (uni-mail) at Plainpalais. There’s an underground car park for the university (uni-mail) and the tram stops right in front.

Sehen Sie hier das Unternehmens-Firmenprofil von Lady Godiva English Pub in Genève (Genf) mit der Telefonnummer 022 328 23 00. Dieses Firmenporträt hat die ID HLP-11-211579.

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